What to Expect

My first goal is to make an accurate diagnosis from which treatment protocol with psychotherapy, medications, or both can follow. As French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot (1825–1893) observed, “To learn how to treat a disorder, one must learn how to recognize it.” In addition to the interview, I evaluate the patient’s responses using The McLeod Guide for Assessment of Psychiatric Disorders (1998), a diagnostic tool I developed.

Fees and Insurance

For initial evaluations,  I expect  payment by check or credit card at the time of service.   My fee for subsequent visits depends on several  variables, including the length of the session, time required to review your medical records, time required to consult with your referral source (if you permit), and your resources.

I will give you an accurately coded invoice which you  can  sumit to your insurance company, which may or may not reimburse you.

I am not an employee of any insurance company or HMO. Thus your treatment plan is formulated by me, not  by any insurance company. As a result, I am able to maintain the strictest confidentiality and offer more personalized care.

Patients are responsible for promptly meeting at reserved appointment times. Late cancellations and missed sessions are charged at the full fee unless 24 hours notice is given.


After a patient and I decide to work together, I want that person to know I am available to them and respond quickly to their calls. I pledge to do my utmost to understand and help you.
I prescribe psychiatric medication, when needed, but I do not prescribe narcotics. I do not prescribe for anyone I have not seen recently. Mine is an outpatient practice. I do not hospitalize patients.

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